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Very detailed dragon.If looking for other designs I can help!


Those are the work of talented tattoo artists! Galing.


I love the tattoo picture third from the top, big tatt and colourful. Second from the top is great too.

I guess that is why these mythical figures are so popular. Have not seen a lot of unicorns...


I thought I knew a lot about dragon tattoos but was missing a lot of information, thanks for the info and wonderful shots


hi, sidney! :)

these tats are so interesting... they say the dragon is a great symbol for mysticism and power in asian culture and maybe that's why many get dragon tats. they're very detailed and beautifully made though.

Wim van der Meij

`These tattooists are real artists, the dragons are never the same.

Ashish Sidapara

That must hurt a lot, very informative series!

Craig Wilson

Excellent write up Sidney - the series on Dragons is my favourite so far! Nice work my friend.

Charles Ravndal

The tattoos shown now reminds me of those tattos sported by some Yakuzas in Japanese movies that I watch

dong ho

so these people might also beleive in feng shui.


and the women??? tatoos too????


Des informations très intéressantes sur ces symboles !

Michael Rawluk

I wish I had the guts to get shot like that.

luna miranda

the 3rd tattoo looks elaborate. reminds of the the movie "The Red Dragon". this tattoo is also popular in Yakuza charaters.


It makes me wonder where the image of the dragon itself comes from, since dragons don't exist, and yet east and west have the image of the dragon and it's loaded with symbolic power.


I like the third one. Meticulously made. That must have hurt a lot.


Hey, thanks, very educational, your text about the meaning of the dragon. Wow, is the variation of tattoos endless in that jail?


D'aimables bestioles de compagnies, apparemment, les dragons...


Dragons are very popular tattoos with Asians. It's not easy to do and I always admire the artistic talents of the tattoo artist ! Nice shots.


Dragon éternel
La créature fabuleuse
Mythique reptile

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